Friday, July 19, 2019

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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Meet Linda!

Summer is in full swing and this heat has so many of us heading to the beach or the pool to stay cool 🌊
Sadly, after hearing of the recent drowning deaths of country singer Grangers Smith’s 3-year-old son, and Olympic skier Bode Miller’s 19-month-old daughter, I thought the perfect person to interview for this months Ask An Expert Series was Linda Bohn, of Njswim Manasquan.

Drowning is the leading cause of accidental, injury-related death among 1- to 4-year-olds in the United States
with the summer months being the most dangerous according to a HuffPost article entitled, What Every Parent Of A Young Kid Needs To Know About Drowning.

As Location Manager of Njswim Manasquan and an expert in the field, I reached out to Linda Bohn for an interview on the topic.
We hope you find this helpful!

Happy reading,
Meet Linda! 
Your name: Linda Bohn

Your job title: Location Manager of Njswim Manasquan

What services do you provide and who do you serve: Swim lessons for students of all ages ranging from 3 mos - adults!

At what age should children start swim lessons: We begin to offer our lessons at 3 mos old and offer free lessons between 3 and 6 mos!  We believe the earlier a child begins to acclimate with safe, effective, fun, and calm lessons, the better!

What qualities should a parent look for in a swim instructor: Patience, safety minded, knowledgeable, able to be flexible and have fun!

What training should a child’s swim instructor hold: At Njswim all of our teachers are trained in our nationally recognized Njswim skills progression/curriculum.  All of our poolside team members are lifeguard certified as well!

What is a good ratio of kids to the instructor: We offer small group, 3:1 student-teacher ratio classes!

What do swim instructors wish parents knew: Trust the process and respect the learn to swim journey.  Every child is different and some water-related fears are VERY real and VERY scary for children learning to swim.

How can swim lessons affect a preschoolers learning process: Swim lessons and water, in general, can have such a calming effect on children.  Swim lessons also build confidence and enhance social skills among many others!

What books do you recommend parents read to their preschooler before starting swim lessons: Just One More Swim by Caroline Pitcher.  It's not totally lesson focused, but shines a light on the fact that swimming should be and is FUN!

And just for fun… what is one word you would use to describe yourself as a preschooler: TIMID!
Connect with Linda



Phone: 732.292.4368

Address: at The Atlantic Club
1904 Atlantic Avenue
Manasquan, NJ 08736

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Welcome, July!

Summer Learning Loss, Parenting Beyond Discipline

10 Amazing Books to Read Aloud to Kids Ages 3 to 5 This Summer, Scholastic

101 Fun Things To Do With Kids This Summer,

PBS Learning Media - Build foundational skills with videos and games

Happy 4th of July!

Monday, July 1, 2019

Preschool Readers Top 3 Summer Musts!

Check out my top three summer musts for your preschooler now that it's officially summer! :)

1.) Create A Summer Reading Spot
What makes reading in the summer so special?  Summer reading spots! You can read in a beach chair, a hammock, or a floaty in the pool.  An airplane headed to your summer vacation destination, a tent while camping, or even on a blanket while picnicking in the park.

You are your child’s reading role model- parents who model their love of reading help their children learn to love reading too!  So pack a yummy lunch, a blanket, some good books and head to the park. Toss some books in your beach bag beside your towels, buckets, and shovels.  Read aloud tall tales while toasting s'mores at the campfire. Showing your child that reading is something to be enjoyed all year round in all locations (not just during the school year or at night before bed) will make them realize that reading is actually fun!

⏩ Check out The Ultimate Summer Reading List for 3-to-5-Year-Olds for book ideas, then head over to Summer Reading Spots, on our Preschool Readers Pinterest Page for suggestions on where to read those great stories!

2.) Play (& Learn) Outside
Outdoor play is a multi-sensory activity.  Children see, hear, smell and touch things unavailable to them when they play intside.  They use their brains in unique ways as they come to understand these new stimuli.

Head outside to work with your child on their letters or their sight words.  Some ideas include: using chalk on the sidewalk or driveway, tracing in the sand, using a cool stick to write in the mud.  Maybe they want to ‘paint’ their words? Grab a bucket filled with water and a paintbrush! Use rocks, twigs or leaves to form letters or words.

⏩ Download our Outdoor (Educational) Play Checklist for some fun ideas!  Or, head over to our Preschool Readers Pinterest Page to check out, Letters & Words in The Great Outdoors, and Water Time Fun!

3.) Visit Your Local Library
Sometimes it’s just too hot or rainy to be outside.  If that’s the case, head to your local library! Libraries offer so much more than book rentals… you can rent movies, magazines, and audiobooks!  And, most local libraries offer a variety of {free} classes including storytime time, baby & toddler time, arts & crafts, chess, yoga, puzzle classes… the list goes on and one (check out the adult classes too)!  To find out what your local library offers, go to their website and find the events calendar, or stop by to pick up a summer schedule.

⏩ Download Library Scavenger Hunt by Layers of Learning to use with your little one on your next library visit!
Happy reading,

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PPS On Monday, July 8th we'll be adjusting the price of our Phase One Material Fee.  This price adjustment does not affect current Preschool Readers families. However, on July 8th any new families signing up for Phase One will be subject to a material fee price increase of $35.

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Friday, March 8, 2019

Welcome, March!

The 21 Best Podcasts for Kids- ‘have you considered getting your kids in on the fun? Podcasts are a great way to help cut down on your kids’ screen time and get them interested in something new! One of the best things about podcasts is that they cover a huge range of topics, giving your kids plenty of opportunities to learn more about what they really enjoy.
4 Ways to Add Literacy Learning to Bath Time- ‘Help your kids soak up the learning possibilities during their next bath time with these fun ideas.
3-5 Years-All New Releases- Barnes & Noble

In honor of Dr. Seuss’s Birhday… “You’re never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read to a child.”
Happy reading,

PS A big THANK YOU to Jen of My Lil' Yogi in Tampa, FL.  Jen was our March Storytime In The Park guest reader and we all had so much fun acting out the story in yoga poses!

We can't wait to see our Tampa, FL friends again on Saturday, April 6th at 10:30 am for Storytime In The Park with Gabriela and Synthia of Doublemint Sitting Services... slumber party style! Children are encouraged to wear pajamas and bring their favorite teddy bear or babydoll! We'll even have popcorn! Learn more at

Sunday, February 3, 2019

I was curious, so I asked...

I was curious, so I asked...

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All of our Preschool Reading Specialists are classroom teachers and hold either an M.Ed or M.A.
Additionally, they’ve obtained a variety of teaching certifications and endorsements.

Before they were teachers, many were babysitters, camp counselors, tutors...
In other words, they’ve been working with and around children for a long time!

So I was curious to know what children’s books they feel all children should have on their bookshelf.
I asked a few of our reading specialists (past and present) and here’s what they said...

Happy reading,
"I believe all children should have the book “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” by Dr. Seuss. I believe this is a book that has a growing message as the years go on in a child’s life. The story becomes very personalized each time you read it, it is so encouraging and positive and truly displays a sense of adventure with the illustrations. I believe that it is a book that helps bond a parent to their child, a story about how all you want for your little one is for them to go as far in life and be as happy and successful as they possibly can. It is a book I begin and end every school year within my class, I want my students to know they are about to go on an adventure this year and it is going to be unimaginable!" - Ms. Nicolette
"My favorite children's book as an adult and one that I think everyone should own is Each Kindness by Jacqueline Woodson. It is a little bit longer, but the main character learns a very important lesson that is valuable to read about at any age." - Ms. Jenna
"I believe that all children should have “Elmer” by David McKee. It is a great book about an elephant who doesn't like who he is and tries to change himself to be like everyone else. He learns throughout the story that being himself is more important." - Ms. Alysa
"Olivia the Pig and the rest of her series, and other books that empower students to form opinions while helping them to love reading." - Ms. Jacqueline
"The Day The Crayons Quit." - Ms. Nina
"Chrysanthemum, Arthur, Goodnight Moon, The Snowy Day, Frog and Toad,
Corduroy." - Ms. Arielle
"Children should have 'Where the Wild Things Are' on their bookshelf."- Ms. Michelle
"I love all books by Mo Willems (Knuffle Bunny, Elephant, and Piggie, Don’t Let the Pigeon....). I think that he is a great author for emergent readers, as his stories as interactive and engaging." - Ms. Tara
"The Little Prince." Ms. Lauren
"I love all Dr. Seuss books. My students always get excited when I read them and most of the books are great for beginning readers. - Ms. Ashton
"I think Dr. Suess books are the best children's books to read because of their rhyming nature and silliness that makes kids laugh." -Ms. Kirby
"The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein or anything Dr. Suess." - Ms. Rose
"The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn. The perfect book to read before sending your child off to preschool, kindergarten… or college!"- Me
TAMPA: Preschool Readers Presents Free Storytime with Kelly Diedring of Goat Yoga Tampa Saturday, February 2nd 10:30 am at Kate Jackson Park.  What is goat yoga, you might ask? It’s a combination of animal therapy and a phenomenal yoga class. Kelly will be reading Three Billy Goats Gruff. Storytime, yoga and a goat? What better way to start your Saturday!? Learn more >>
MANASQUAN: Free Reading Assessment Saturday, February 9th 10:00 am - 11:00 am at Bee You Kids Yoga.  Learn more and sign up >> Bee You Kids Yoga Free Assessment

HOBOKEN: Free Reading assessment Thursday, February 21stt 4:30- 5:30 pm at Urban Jungle Play.  Learn more and sign up >> Urban Jungle Play Free Assessment