Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Stop FORCING your child to read! (and other nonsense thoughts)

You’ve heard it before.  You may even have had these exact thoughts.  “What’s the rush?  They should be playing.  Teaching reading skills so early creates unhealthy pressure on the child.  Why are you forcing your child to read?”

Not long ago I received an email from a parent whose three-year-old son is enrolled in the Preschool Readers program.  “My son is loving his books and words!  He asked me this morning when you were coming back, so I think he’s a fan :)”  

WOW!  Sure sounds like I’m forcing him to read, doesn’t it?  

Ok, just a little sarcasm there  ;)  

But really, as I’ve mentioned before, a preschoolers brain is like a sponge so why not take advantage of all they are capable of absorbing?  

Michael Phelps, a UCLA biophysics states that, “If we teach our children early enough, it will affect the organization or ‘wiring,’ of their brains.”  

He goes on to say that the education system does not take full advantage of this opportunity (to read more about the findings of several brain researchers on the subject of the young child’s ability to learn,  click here).  So let Preschool Readers help!

Of course learning must be done in a fun and exciting way and FUN is exactly what we have during our sessions!  Essentially the children are learning through play...the BEST way to learn!

So get those nonsense thoughts out of your head and contact us today!

Happy reading,

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