Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What Makes Your Heart Smile?

About a month ago I walked into a clients home and was immediately greeted with a  great BIG smile from one of my Preschool Readers...a 4 year old boy.  

I don’t think there has been a time when I showed up and he didn’t look extremely happy to see me and start our reading session (or maybe it is my bag of candy he can’t wait to get his hands on!? Lol).  

Anyway, my own heart smiled when his mother told me she had asked him which of his extra curricular activities was his favorite (camp, karate, reading etc…). And his answer?  Reading with Ms. Lisa.  

I’ve heard this before...but it doesn’t matter.  Each time I hear it, my heart smiles and I’m happy beyond words!  When they pick reading with Ms. Lisa over ballet, or reading with Ms. Lisa over soccer...

Because I KNOW that instilling a LOVE of reading in these little guys, at their young age, will truly set them up for future academic success and build their confidence in reading...helping them to feel good about themselves and to see reading as something positive and fun!  

If you desire to have your child love reading, connect with Preschool Readers today!  

Happy reading,

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