Sunday, March 29, 2015

Can't Handle The Cuteness!!

I just can’t handle the I had to share this video with you!
(someone extra special received a Preschool Readers Literacy Book Bag in the mail)

Developing and nurturing pre-reading skills is the best way to ensure your child becomes a keen reader in the future and you don’t need to (and shouldn't) wait until your child is old enough to read before familiarizing them with these skills.

Many parents are so focused on teaching the names of the letters that they forget many of the other essential pre-reading skills.  

Teaching pre-reading skills does not have to be difficult… it can be fun!    

Our Preschool Readers Literacy Book Bags incorporate many pre-reading skills in an exciting way!

What Pre-reading Skills are Introduced In Our Literacy Book Bags?

  • describe things and events and tell stories
  • ask and answer questions about the story
  • identify characters
  • identify settings
  • locate the author of the story
  • locate the illustrator of the story
  • understand that words on the page can be read
  • understand that books are read from cover to back
  • understand that sentences are read from left to right
  • identify the title of the story
  • identify the first word in the story
  • understand the difference between a letter and a word
  • build enthusiasm for learning
  • find delight in books and reading
  • make connections between the story and themselves (text-to-self connections)
  • understand that words are separated by spaces in print

What Comes In Each Book Bag?
  • three thematic stories
  • three thematic reading manipulatives
  • a thematic lollipop
  • a letter to your child

Let us help you get your preschooler ready to read!  Order your Literacy Book Bag today!  
Happy reading,

Preschool Reading Specialist & Owner, Preschool Readers

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