Wednesday, March 25, 2015

It pays to praise!

In October I shared with you why I started Preschool Readers (if you missed it, you can read it here).  How the famous Maya Angelou quote was behind it all, “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  
When I was a classroom teacher all I wanted was for my students to feel safe, and cared for.  I wanted them to feel smart, sure of themselves, and like they could do and be anything!
I knew that if I could help to make them feel good about their reading abilities, then I’d quickly see a change in their attitude towards reading.  You see, confident children are eager to learn new skills and face new challenges.  
Once I built up their CONFIDENCE I saw a HUGE change in their DESIRE to learn!  
No matter how old your child is, praise and encouragement from YOU helps them feel good about themselves.
Praise has the ability to improve your child's academic and behavioral performance and telling them what you like about their behavior boosts their self-esteem and confidence.  
Be generous with your praise.  Preschoolers have an insatiable appetite for praise and the desire to please adults is an important influence on their motivation and learning.   
Throughout my Preschool Readers accelerated reading lessons, I praise for various reasons: when the child is on task, when they are trying their hardest, when they are using one of their reading strategies, when they read a word correctly etc...
Praising does not need to be boring...there are ways to make it FUN!  I’m here to share with you, ‘10 Ways To Praise’ brought to you by Brainy Teach Blog.
Print it out and keep it handy...these cheers are sure to make your little one giggle and feel confident about their reading ability!
Happy reading,
Preschool Reading Specialist & Owner, Preschool Readers
P.S SAVE THE DATE: our Little Free Library Grand Opening is set for Saturday April 18th at 10:30 at Kate Jackson Park (stay tuned for more info)!

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