Monday, April 27, 2015


We want to have a little FUN with you all and decided that a #bookfacefriday is the way to go!

(This is my niece wearing her TinkerBell costume and using her TinkerBell book as her ‘face’)
WHO: Our Preschool Readers social media community and their friends and family!
WHAT: What exactly is #bookfacefriday?  I’m not so sure how to explain it…. in this situation pictures speak louder than words!  You can check it out HERE, HERE, and HERE!
WHEN: This Friday, May 1st.  All day long, you are encouraged to post your Bookface Friday image along with the hashtags:  #preschoolreaders & #bookfacefriday.  Be sure to @preschoolreaders on instagram too!
WHY: Because we have yet to see a kid focused #bookfacefriday (did you notice all of the adults in the links above?)  And we just thought this would be a truly unique way to provide parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, friends, caretakers etc.. to show their little ones that literacy can be SILLY and ENJOYABLE!  
HOW: Be sure to check our Facebook and Instagram accounts each day this week for tips on how to take the best #bookfacefriday pictures!
We can pretty much PROMISE that you will get the BEST giggles from your little ones after they see their very own #bookfacefriday picture!  
We can’t wait to see how CREATIVE you all get with this!  In the meantime, you can invite your friends and family to join in on the fun by forwarding this email to those you know who might want to get a little SILLY!
Happy reading,
Preschool Reading Specialist & Owner, Preschool Readers

Thursday, April 23, 2015

...awesome!  Our Little Free Library looked adorable, the kids had a blast and the parents seemed thrilled with this wonderful addition to Kate Jackson Park.

Since I live in the neighborhood I often pass the park on my morning walks.  Each morning since the event, I have walked by and noticed more than one child at a time enthusiastically peeking in and pulling books out of the library.  This warms my heart ❤

As a Preschool Reading Specialist, I want to be able bring excitement and delight to reading… and I think I have done just that with our donation of the Little Free Library!

I would like to send a big THANK YOU to the South Tampa Barnes & Noble, the Early Learning Coalition of Hillsborough County, and John F. Germany Public Library for their generous donation of books!  Being able to fill our library with brand new books only made the experience that much better!

Couldn’t make it to the event?  When you do have a chance to stop by, let us know about your visit by snapping a picture in front of the library while holding your book and then post to social media with the hashtags: #preschoolreaders #littlefreelibrary.  Also, @preschoolreaders on Instagram.  And be sure to stay connected with us through Facebook and Instagram for news about future Preschool Readers Little Free Library events (like monthly story time at the park)!  

Since you now have new books to read with your little ones I wanted to share some Preschool Readers Blog posts that will come in handy during story time!  Check them out:

Not in the Tampa area?  Check out our Literacy Book Bags!  They incorporate many pre-reading skills in an exciting way… and the kids LOVE them (watch this adorable video).  We also ship anywhere!

Happy reading,
Preschool Reading Specialist & Owner, Preschool Readers

P.S Interested in enrolling in our accelerated reading program?  To ensure your summer spot, contact us today (and please feel free to forward this to those you know who might be interested)!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Asking the right questions?

Since our Little Free Library Grand Opening is this Saturday (event details HERE), I thought it would be fitting to share some tips for reading aloud to your child.

Reading aloud is one of the most important things you can do with your child!  We've all heard about the benefits.  We've all seen and read the list of ‘must have’ read alouds.  And we all know it should be done daily.  

But did you know that there are skill building questions you should be asking your child during this one on one time?

I’m writing today to share with you that the questions you ask your child while reading aloud should require them to:
  • recall details
  • make inferences
  • check predictions and support them with evidence
  • discuss problems and solutions
  • identify settings
  • describe characters
  • make personal connections (text-to-self connections)
  • make connections to other books (text-to-text connections)
  • state opinions
  • discuss questions or confusions
  • retell the events in a story
  • sequence
  • visualize
  • summarize
  • determine the main idea

So the next time you find yourself asking questions during story time, remember this list and make it a skill building question!

Happy reading,
Lisa Vodola, M.Ed Preschool Reading Specialist & Owner, Preschool Readers
P.S. Did I mention just how amazing Little Free Libraries are?  No due dates on borrowed books.  Borrow a book at one free library and return it at a different  free library.  Love the book you borrowed?  Keep it, just be sure to drop off another book in its place!  We’d love to see you Saturday!  Let us know you’re coming by clicking HERE!

(A special little someone LOVES being read aloud to at the library)