Monday, June 15, 2015

I have to toot! 💨

I come from a big Italian family.  My mom, dad, two sisters, brother and I are all super close and talk or text daily.  One sort of silly family thing we have adopted is the “toot! toot!”  
The “toot! toot!” is the name we came up with when we want to talk about ourselves and brag about something we have accomplished or are proud of.  When we want to, “toot our own horn!”
Seriously, some of my favorite phone conversations have started out like this, “Hey!  I’m calling to TOOT! TOOT!” and then I get to hear something awesome they have done or accomplished and it just makes my day!
Today I’m writing to “toot! toot!” on my own Preschool Readers students!  I’m SO proud of how far they have come that I wanted to share some of their video testimonials with you (find out if our program is the right fit for you and your little one)!
Ok, I kind of have one more little thing to “toot! toot!” about… I want to thank the University of Tampa for selecting me as the recipient of the 2015 Alumni Association Young Alumni Achievement Award
(umm ok, let’s just be honest, the word ‘young’ really made my day lol)!  
Each year the alumni association board selects one University of Tampa graduate to receive the award, a graduate who demonstrates a high level of achievement in their chosen career, and I was shocked and so grateful to find out it was me (toot! toot! haha).

To be able to do what I love everyday and call this work...that’s pretty amazing!  
Happy reading,
Preschool Reading Specialist & Owner, Preschool Readers
P.S. Find out if our program is right for you by clicking HERE!  Spots are limited!  If you’re interested in enrolling your child in the Preschool Readers accelerated reading program, contact us today to secure your summer spot!!

P.P.S Meet my amazing family of "tooters!"



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