Sunday, June 21, 2015

My FAVORITE website!

This is my FAVORITE website (and it’s FREE).

I’m often asked for website and app recommendations.  

So today I’m sharing my absolute favorite website for preschool thru second grade students.

It really is the PERFECT companion to the Preschool Readers program.

The Preschool Readers program provides a systematic approach to sight word instruction.

What are sight words?  The most frequently used and repeated words in the English language are known as sight words and as much as 75% of all reading texts are made up of these words!

However, these high- frequency words often do not follow regular phonics patterns or spelling rules, making them very difficult for young children to sound out or decode.   

As a result, one of the most powerful reading tools that you can help your child develop is sight word recognition. teaches children to read with phonics.

Their organized approach, in conjunction with phonemic awareness practice, is perfect for our Preschool Readers students… because a balanced reading program consists of both sight word and phonics instruction.

It’s even available for download as an app!

The website is wonderful but they also offer an app for download on both Goolge Play and itunes!


I know your kids will LOVE it and it’s such a wonderful educational alternative to other entertainment choices for children (and it’s FREE)!

Wondering if the Preschool Readers program is the right fit for you this summer?

We know the importance of summer reading… during this three month break children can lose much educational ground particularly when it comes to reading.  So we’re here to make it easy for you… we come to the home!  Find out if our program is the right fit for you and your little one!

Contact us today for a FREE reading assessment!

Happy reading,
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