Sunday, July 19, 2015

Summa summa summatime!!

It’s a beautiful summer day in Paris!  As I sit along the Seine River listening to live music, reading, writing and people watching, I am reminded of the relaxing moments summer can bring.

(I can't wait to see how you relax in the summer with a good book... be sure to read this newsletter all the way through)

Reading in the summer is my favorite!

Sometimes it’s informational text, other times it is just an extremely girly beach read 😊

What makes reading in the summer so special?  Summer reading spots, of course!

A beach chair, a hammock, or a floaty in the pool. A tent while camping, or even a blanket while picnicking in the park....
I highly suggest YOU #getcaughtreading in YOUR favorite #summerreadingspot!

Parents who MODEL their love of reading help their children learn to love reading!  

As a child, I remember my mom reading for hours on end while at the beach.  I often wondered how she could read for SO long...  WHAT was in those books?  

Now, as an adult, I’ve taken after my mother.

(seriously, I read almost my entire 6-hour flight to Paris)

Then, let your little one ‘catch you’ reading!

I strongly encourage you to either #getcaughtreading in your favorite #summerreadingspot by your little one or with your little one (or both)!!  

Pack a yummy lunch, a blanket, some good books and head to the park.  

Toss some books in your beach bag beside your towels, buckets and shovels.  

Read aloud tall tales while toasting s'mores at the campfire…

Showing your little one that reading is something to be enjoyed ALL year round in ALL locations (not just during the school year or at night before bed) will make them realize that reading is actually...FUN (not just something they have to do).

I dare you!

I challenge you and your family to #getcaughtreading in your favorite #summerreadingspot and share with us throughout THIS week (July 20th-25th)!

All you have to do is snap a picture and post to social media including the hashtags: #summerreadingspot #getcaughtreading #preschoolreaders.  Be sure to @preschoolreaders on Instagram too!

Can’t wait to see what YOUR favorite #summerreadingspot is!

Happy reading,
Preschool Reading Specialist & Owner, Preschool Readers

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

It's FREE? I'll take it! ☝

Just a quick email to share a fun FREE resource!

But first, a reminder to stop by our Little Free Library, located in Kate Jackson Park, THIS Saturday July 18th 10:30-11:30 for our Preschool Readers Happy Hour! Bring a book to donate to the library and get a popsicle!

Ok, back to the freebie… I initially sat down at my computer with the intention to make a Summer Reading Bucket List.  One you could quickly print out, hang up, and aim to complete with your preschooler before summer ended.

When I stumbled upon a pretty awesome printable Summer Reading Bucket List from I thought, why reinvent the wheel?  The ladies over at My Mommy Style created their very own adorable Summer Reading Bucket List.  They state:

“Well, I have been trying to figure out how to keep my kids motivated to read this summer and decided it would be fun to make a summer bucket list, but make it all about reading! I tried to keep the list simple and something that can be accomplished. It will give you ideas of things to do together, but also things you can do on a lazy day at home. Honestly, it doesn’t really matter where you read, the point is to just READ. I thought this might be extra motivating for the little ones though. I hope you have fun with this!”

I encourage you to print out and use’s Summer Reading Bucket List with your little one this summer!   

Next week Preschool Readers is rolling out another online hashtag challenge! Details on Sunday, but *hint* *hint * you’ll be able to check off some of the Summer Reading Bucket List items by the end of the challenge… stay tuned!

Hope to see you all Saturday for Happy Hour!

Happy reading,
Preschool Reading Specialist & Owner, Preschool Readers

PS Summer slide affects millions of children each year but it doesn't have to.  Schedule your FREE assessment now and follow us on Facebook for ways to help keep learning fun over the summer!

PPS Not sure if the Preschool Readers program is the right fit for you and your little one?  Find out HERE!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Tried THIS Alternative?

We all know the importance of reading aloud to children.
Listening to books read aloud by a parent instills a love of reading.  It makes children aware of the connection between speech and print.  It models expressive reading and increases their vocabulary.  
But let’s face it, we don’t always feel like it.
Sometimes our days are just so busy that by the end of it we are too exhausted to read a story (um you know, like YOU’RE the one who falls asleep mid bedtime story, not them Lol)!
Or maybe you’re away on summer vacation and forgot to pack books...
What do we do then?
I’m going to let you in on a little secret… you don’t have to read to them.  
That’s right, take a break!
Let them listen to a story on tape or CD…
Are you  aware of just how COOL the libraries are now?
Seriously, they have an abundance of pretty awesome resources.  
Like… books on tape or CD!
They often come in a box WITH the book so your child can follow along as they listen!  
I have to admit that every once in awhile while I was a classroom teacher,  I would pop one in during storytime.  
At first I felt guilty.
Then I realized, the kids LOVE it!  The sound effects were way more exciting than my voice!  It was a nice change!
or online!
There are also some wonderful FREE websites & apps where kids can listen to stories being read aloud.  Just hand them a tablet/ipad, a phone or a computer and let them listen away!  
A few great FREE sites I found:

Happy reading,
Preschool Reading Specialist & Owner, Preschool Readers
PPS Wondering if the Preschool Readers program is the right fit for your child? Find out here!


Sunday, July 5, 2015

Meet Rose...

the newest member of our Preschool Readers team!

head shot 2.jpg

I’m excited to announce that Rose Robbins is now one of our Preschool Readers reading specialists!

Rose is a long-time educator, dedicated to instilling a love of learning, for children and adults alike.  She has 19 years of experience as an Early Childhood Teacher and Literacy Coach, along with her current position as a Reading Intervention Specialist in Pinellas County. Rose holds a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and a Master’s in Educational Leadership. Her experience and expertise in Reading, brings a great addition to the Preschool Reader’s team.  Rose is also a dedicated mother of two, ages 4 and 7. She and her family love spending time exploring nature and the arts, crafting, and of course, READING!

Fun Q & A with Rose:

Q: When you were a child, what story did you love to read (or have read to you)?
A: Curious George, The Pokey Little Puppy

Q: Now that you are an adult, what children’s book do you like and feel all kids should have on their bookshelf?
A: The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein or anything Dr. Suess

Q: Why do you love reading?
A: I love how reading can take you to places you’ve never been.  Reading helps me understand different cultures other than my own.  Knowing a character’s inner thoughts and circumstances helps me understand and empathize with them.

Q: What is one word you would use to describe yourself as a preschooler?
A: Inquisitive

Q: Who was your favorite childhood teacher and why?
A: Mrs. Winter, my kindergarten teacher.  I remember her as being warm, patient, and motherly.  Great qualities any teacher should have.

Q: Why do you love teaching?
A: I love to see students’ face when they are really interested in learning something new.  I get excited when the students feel confident enough to ask questions about what they are learning or when they are confused.  I love to watch the students take risks and talk about what they learn with others.  Seeing students share and learn from each other while making connections between what they’ve learned to their own lives, makes me love what I do.

Q: Fill in the blank: If you really knew me, you'd know_____.
A: When I see butterflies, I become as giddy and curious as a child.

Welcome Rose!

Happy reading,
Preschool Reading Specialist & Owner, Preschool Readers