Sunday, July 19, 2015

Summa summa summatime!!

It’s a beautiful summer day in Paris!  As I sit along the Seine River listening to live music, reading, writing and people watching, I am reminded of the relaxing moments summer can bring.

(I can't wait to see how you relax in the summer with a good book... be sure to read this newsletter all the way through)

Reading in the summer is my favorite!

Sometimes it’s informational text, other times it is just an extremely girly beach read 😊

What makes reading in the summer so special?  Summer reading spots, of course!

A beach chair, a hammock, or a floaty in the pool. A tent while camping, or even a blanket while picnicking in the park....
I highly suggest YOU #getcaughtreading in YOUR favorite #summerreadingspot!

Parents who MODEL their love of reading help their children learn to love reading!  

As a child, I remember my mom reading for hours on end while at the beach.  I often wondered how she could read for SO long...  WHAT was in those books?  

Now, as an adult, I’ve taken after my mother.

(seriously, I read almost my entire 6-hour flight to Paris)

Then, let your little one ‘catch you’ reading!

I strongly encourage you to either #getcaughtreading in your favorite #summerreadingspot by your little one or with your little one (or both)!!  

Pack a yummy lunch, a blanket, some good books and head to the park.  

Toss some books in your beach bag beside your towels, buckets and shovels.  

Read aloud tall tales while toasting s'mores at the campfire…

Showing your little one that reading is something to be enjoyed ALL year round in ALL locations (not just during the school year or at night before bed) will make them realize that reading is actually...FUN (not just something they have to do).

I dare you!

I challenge you and your family to #getcaughtreading in your favorite #summerreadingspot and share with us throughout THIS week (July 20th-25th)!

All you have to do is snap a picture and post to social media including the hashtags: #summerreadingspot #getcaughtreading #preschoolreaders.  Be sure to @preschoolreaders on Instagram too!

Can’t wait to see what YOUR favorite #summerreadingspot is!

Happy reading,
Preschool Reading Specialist & Owner, Preschool Readers

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