Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I’m often asked how to tell when a child is ready to learn to read.
“My son knows his letters and sounds, should I sign him up for sessions?”
“My daughter just turned four, do you think she’s ready to read?”
This is such a hard question to answer.
Age alone can not determine if they’re ready to read (I’ve worked with children as young as two).
And knowing their letters and sounds before learning to read is not necessary.
The thing is, all children are ready at different times.
And that’s OK!
But, there are some tell tale signs to look for.
If you can answer yes to most of these questions then your child might be ready to read:
  • Your child knows the proper way to hold a book.
  • Your child understands that books are read from cover to back.
  • Your child understands that sentences are read from left to right.
  • Your child knows that words on the page can be read.
  • Your child is able to retell a familiar story in his own words.
  • Your child can answer simple questions about a story.
  • Your child knows the letters in his or her own first name, and can recognize his or her own first name in print.
  • Your child can recognize words or signs he or she sees often (local restaurants and stores, street signs)
  • Your child understands word boundaries. If you say the sentence, ‘don’t let the cat out’, your child is able to separate the sentence into five individual words.
  • Does your child enjoy being read to, at least for short periods of time?
  • Does your child pretend to read or write?
  • Does your child frequently request read-aloud time and show a general enthusiasm for books?
You might also like this interactive online assessment, Get Ready to Read! Screening Tool.
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PPS Our #fallin2reading challenge is back!  We had SO much fun last year so I’ve decided to bring it back!  Playing starts Monday, September 21st.  You can sign up for this FREE challenge HERE.  

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