Tuesday, October 20, 2015

What's the big deal?!?

about sight words anyway?

What are sight words,  
the most frequently used and repeated words in the English language are known as sight words and as much as 75% of all reading texts are made up of these words.  Typically, these high-frequency words do not follow regular phonics patterns or spelling rules, making them very difficult for young children to sound out or decode.  

and why are they so important?
As a result, one of the most powerful reading tools that we can help your child develop is sight word recognition.  Rapid recognition of these words during primary grades forms the foundation of fluent reading, allowing your child to focus their efforts on the more mentally demanding tasks of reading comprehension.

Sight words are usually first introduced in kindergarten (however, some preschools teach them).
with hopes the base- at least 100 of the most common sight words- be established in first grade while sight word recognition continues to expand in second and third grade.  

By now your child has most likely come home with a few (if not a ring) of sight words to learn.  
You and your child might be feeling a little overwhelmed.  Maybe you’re not sure what to do with the words or how to teach them to your child.  Maybe your child is easily able to read them on their flashcard, but doesn’t recognize them in a book.  
As a parent, you’re going to give your child all the support and guidance they need to be successful readers.  
So watching them struggle to grasp their sight words can be difficult to watch.  
At Preschool Readers, we provide a systematic approach to sight word instruction.  
Our in-home, 30-minute program fast tracks your child's knowledge of sight words by at least a year!
Your child will not only increase their reading level and confidence but will develop a love of reading and learning as well!  And they’ll do so with FUN literacy-rich, hands-on, multisensory activities.  
Imagine your child starting kindergarten ahead in reading!
You might be wondering, what happens after they learn their sight words?
Sight words are only one piece of the puzzle, with phonics instruction being the other.
There are letter sound combinations that need to be introduced and taught (sh, ch, ai, or, etc..) so that children are able to decode unknown words on their own.  

This is why I’m excited to announce that I’m currently working on a curriculum that will explicitly, and systematically teach children to phonetically decode unknown words!  
In the meantime, if your child is struggling with their sight words, contact us today!  

Happy reading,
Preschool Reading Specialist & Consultant, Owner: Preschool Readers

PS HAVE YOU HEARD?  We’ve started a BOOK CLUB for girls, where your daughter will develop a LOVE of reading while making new FRIENDS!  Details, HERE!

PPS SAVE THE DATE for our next Saturday morning Little Free Library Storytime in the park... November, 7th @ 10:30 am.  Bring a blanket or a towel and join in on the fun!  Also, please bring a used book to help fill our library.  


Thursday, October 15, 2015

Have a kindergarten or first-grader? You'll wanna read this!

BOOK CLUB with her BFF’s?  She’ll LOVE it!

Literacy Circles
also known as book clubs

are one of the hottest trends in education today.
They provide students with the opportunity to excitedly discuss the books they’re reading while building critical thinking skills as they engage in text, share thoughts, ask questions, defend their opinions, and make predictions.

You’ve probably been a member of one yourself.
And loved it!  Why?  Because it gave you an excuse to get together with friends (old & new).  A reason to get out of the house.  To read and discuss a great book, learn new things, and expand your communication skills (ummm and let’s not forget the wine ;))!

Lauren, one of our reading specialists, just organized a book club for some of the ladies of Preschool Readers and our first meeting is this weekend (The book we read?  Big Magic, Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert).

This got me thinking… why not start a book club for girls?
Why not provide a safe and FUN environment for our kindergarten and first-grade girls to meet new friends, and form a love of reading?

So, we did!  
And we hope you'll join us! Read ALL the details about our kindergarten and first-grade book clubs here: BOOK CLUB!

Happy reading,
Preschool Reading Specialist & Consultant, Owner: Preschool Readers

PS Sharing is caring!  Please let your friends know about BOOK CLUB!