Tuesday, November 10, 2015

do you think you can help me?

I can’t believe it’s already November!
(especially since it’s like a bajillion degrees here in Florida #melting!)

With Thanksgiving creeping up, we’re reminded of all we are thankful (& grateful) for.
And those who know me know how much I value being mindfully grateful ;)
But before turkey day arrives, we celebrate another very important day, #worldkindnessday!
One of the earliest lessons I’ve learned was from my mother. As a very young child, she would tell me, “You don’t have to play with everyone. You don’t even have to like everyone. But you must be kind to everyone. There is absolutely no reason to be mean to someone, ever.”

My mother’s actions spoke louder than her words. My parents often welcomed kids who were kicked out of their home or in trouble, to live with us. Additionally, every summer my parents hosted three exchange students from all around the world! My parents also ran a summer camp for students with special needs. I wasn’t just told to be kind to others but was shown by their actions.

“Being kind isn’t always easy.  Or convenient.  But it has the potential to change everything.”
When I was chosen as a finalist for the Tampa Bay Business Journal Up & Comers Award, they asked me what my mission statement was in the form of a tweet (it could be business or personal), my answer: “To be happy, be grateful, but mostly, be kind.”

Sounds nerdy, I know… but it’s so important!  It’s not always easy and my patience is often tested,  however, I work with small children and they need to be shown kindness.

Modeling kindness for children has long lasting effects,
Check out THIS article.

And for 20 ways to be kind to your child, check out THIS article (#adorable)!

Deciding whether or not to include Preschool Readers in #worldkindnessday was a no brainer!
Sooooo…. my question for you is...  

do you think you can help me spread kindness on #worldkindnessday, Friday November 13th?
I made these bookmarks (how thematic of me ;))

Click on the image to download your very own bookmarks.  Go ahead and write something kind about someone special on the lines below.  

I plan on filling them out & leaving one with each of my students (I’ll add a lollipop to it).  I’m also going to fill them out and place them in some of the books in our Little Free Library for someone to find!  

Some ideas for you & your little one:
  • Fill one out and leave it in your child’s lunchbox for them to find
  • With your child, fill one out then give it to their teacher
  • With your child, fill one out then give it to their sibling or friend
  • Check out THESE books on kindness from your local library and read them together
  • Get some ideas from  THIS list of 100 Acts of Kindness for Kids

We want to be in the loop… please share your act of kindness on social media and tag us with the hashtags: #preschoolreaders & #worldkindnessday.  Don’t forget to @preschoolreaders on Instagram!

Ok, this newsletter is LONG enough…

Can’t wait to see your posts on Friday!  

Happy reading,
Preschool Reading Specialist & Consultant, Owner: Preschool Readers

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