Friday, November 20, 2015

#PorteOuverte + Preschool Readers

I’m SUPER excited to announce that Preschool Readers was chosen as a Tampa Chamber of Commerce Startup Scholar Finalist and I couldn't be more GRATEFUL!  #fingerscrossed
I ALSO just found out that Preschool Readers is ranked 4th (out of 56) on the list of The Best 10 Private Tutors in Tampa Bay, FL!  How #awesome!  
All of this AMAZING  news has me feeling incredibly THANKFUL!  Soooo…. I wanted to show my appreciation with a coupon for a FREE Reading Assessment.  
Contact us here to redeem your coupon and in the ‘Questions/Comments’ box write in, THANKS2015.
Why a reading assessment?  
Our assessment determines what skills (in reading) your child is strong in and those they’re weak in.  We then provide a list of activities to include in your daily routine at home to help establish a foundation in reading.  
The assessment also gives us a chance to get to know, assess, and determine if they’re ready for our accelerated reading program.  Find out more about our accelerated reading program, HERE.
One last thing, I want to take a moment to flashback to Friday.
While I (and so many of us) were celebrating #worldkindness day (I left notes for my Preschool Readers students, a note & chocolate for my waitress, paid for the car behind me at Starbucks etc...), Paris was attacked.    
As some of you know, I spent the entire month of July living in Paris.  I was also there the September before (I’ve been 3 times, it’s safe to say I love that city ;))
And yet, in the midst of this tragedy a lot of #worldkindness was shown!  
To name a few…. Buildings around the world lit up in French colors, Facebook photos were changed to blue, white and red, and Parisians on social media offered help to those stranded by using the hashtag #PorteOuverte, which means “open door,” offering a safe place to wait out violence and chaos.  True acts of kindness were shown amidst the tragedy!  
I found this quote in an article about the Boston Marathon bombing and it about sums it all up:
“None of us can solve terrorism individually. None of us can cure cancer or [fix] any of the really serious issues affecting our world, but we can all do something. If you think about all of us who share this vision for a different and better world, if we all link arms together and do the one thing that we can do, even if it’s small, there’s real power in that.” .
Preschool Readers celebrating #worldkindnessday may have been small, but we're teaching our children to do something and "there’s real power in that!"
My thoughts and prayers go out to Paris.
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Happy reading,
Preschool Reading Specialist & Consultant, Owner: Preschool Readers
PS Interested in our Girls Book Club?  Click for Details!

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