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YOUR child is probably struggling with this...

Saturday November 7th:
  • 9:30 am- Kindergarten Book Club (there’s still time to sign up)
  • 10:30 am- FREE Little Free Library Storytime in the park, just meet us at Kate Jackson Park!
  • 11:00 am- First Grade Book Club (there’s still time to sign up)

One skill we often introduce and practice during our sessions is the ability for the child to be able to orally produce single-syllable words by blending phonemes...
as this is a common core standard (CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RF.1.2.B)

Let me break it down for you…

we teach the child how to SOUND OUT three letter words.

Readingrockets.org explains:
When beginning readers sound out words, they slowly say each sound in a word (c-a-t), and then say the sounds quickly together to "read" the word (cat). We call this blending because sounds are being blended together. Blending (combining sounds) are skills that are necessary for learning to read.
However before this stage, they need to hear YOU orally segment the letters then model blending them together.  
When I segment a word for a child (C-A-T) and ask them to blend it together to say the word quickly (CAT) they usually say only the ending (AT).  This is why modeling and practice is SO important.

Practicing this extremely important reading skill is easier than you think.  
Play the following game in the car.  Tell your child that you’re going to play a listening game.  That you’re going to start by saying a word slowly and would like them to put it together and say the word quickly.  Use things you see out and about while driving.   Example:
  • “Look!  I see a D-O-G, what do I see?”
  • “Wow, it’s so H-O-T outside!  It’s so what?”
  • “Look at the man's H-A-T.  His what?”

You can also have them watch the following YouTube videos:

(this cutie is my 3-year-old niece… she’s surrounded by teachers so she’s got it down ;))

Has your child already mastered this skill?  They may be ready for our in-home accelerated reading program.  Contact us today to schedule your little ones reading assessment.  

Happy reading,
Preschool Reading Specialist & Consultant, Owner: Preschool Readers

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