Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Do you know your child's learning style?

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I didn’t know my learning style until my last year of college.
I remember watching my roommate study for her upcoming test.  She was sitting at the table writing the same fact over and over again until she filled up every line on one entire page of her notebook.  She did the same thing for each fact she had to learn.  
At first, I thought she was crazy.  Then, I tried it and realized how well it worked for me!
This explained so much.  Lectures were always incredibly difficult for me.  I would constantly drift off  and start thinking about other things.  When I was a classroom teacher, faculty meetings were terrible.  I had to doodle or take down notes just to stay focused on the speakers words.  And something as simple as books on tape, never keep my attention.
Clearly, I’m a visual learner.
Had I known my learning style earlier, it would have made a world of a difference.
I wouldn’t have felt so frustrated or thought, ‘what’s wrong with me?  Why can’t I just focus and study like everyone else?  Why is paying attention to my teacher so difficult?'
Understanding your child’s learning style can assure confidence and academic success!
The following websites provide quizzes to help identify your child’s learning style.  
At Preschool Readers, we provide one-on-one instruction which enables our Preschool Reading Specialists the ability to better understand your preschoolers unique needs.
We are able to customize instruction to support his or her individual learning style- avoiding frustration in their ability to understand the material presented.  Find out more, here.
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