Monday, March 7, 2016

Food For Thought..

“Children who have exceptional ability in reading and working with text information are considered gifted readers (Mason & Au, 1990).
Gifted readers read voraciously, perform well above their grade levels, possess advanced vocabularies and do well on tests (Vacca, Vacca & Gove, 1991).
They usually have advanced language abilities in comparison with children of the same age. They use words easily, accurately, and creatively in new and innovative contexts and speak in semantically complex and syntactically complicated sentences (Bond & Bond, 1983).

Many children later identified as gifted, enter school knowing how to read. 
Approximately half of the children classified as gifted by intelligence tests could read in kindergarten, and nearly all of them could read at the beginning of first grade (Burns & Broman, 1983).

Their reading abilities develop... in home environments
where literacy is valued and language usage is encouraged (Durkin, 1966). They have been immersed in a print-rich environment...(Teale, 1982).” -Resource

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PS Have a moment?  Watch this preschooler read words like, 'moment,' 'natural,' and 'poem.'

(Click HERE to watch the video) 

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