Thursday, April 21, 2016

Why isn't anyone talking about this?

Research shows that children who feel love and have warm, affectionate relations with their parents are more likely to develop superior social skills.
Social skills have been linked not only with the capacity to develop friendships but also to emotional and mental health, self-esteem, school readiness, and academic competence.

But what exactly can you do to ensure you form a close emotional relationship with your child?
Cue, the ‘5 Love Languages for Children.’  In his book, Dr. Gary Chapman addresses the importance of identifying your child’s love language.

‘You know you love your child.  But how can you show it so they really feel loved?’ Is the question posed on the back of the book.

You can determine your child’s love language!
Dr. Chapman states kids, ‘desperately need to know how much you love them.  But if you don’t know their special “love language” you might as well be speaking gibberish.  Every child expresses and receives love best through one of five communication styles.’

Does your child feel loved best through quality time, words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service or physical touch? 
To determine just which “love language” your child speaks, click on the following links:

Once you’ve determined your child’s special “love language,” here is what you can do guarantee the love you express resonates in their souls.
Amy Blevins of Homeschool Encouragement shares 50 ‘practical, concrete ways to show your child that you love them’ by listing ideas for each of the five love languages.  Check it out, HERE.

Remember, academic achievement in the first few years of schooling is built on your child’s foundation of emotional and social skills.
So taking the time now, to determine just what your child needs to feel loved and respected, will help to secure your child’s future academic success!
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