Friday, May 27, 2016

My Secret Is Out!

The first time I heard that a child’s brain is 90% developed by the time they turn five 
and that the knowledge they gain in the early years lay the neurological foundation for intellectual growth into adolescence and adulthood,
I was determined to figure out a way to accelerate the learning process so they were reading by the age of five.
As a teacher, I knew the importance of teaching sight words so my students could learn to read fluently, allowing them to focus their efforts on the more mentally demanding task of reading comprehension.
I knew that as much as 75% of all reading texts are made up of sight words.  
And if 75% percent of all reading texts are made up of these words, then these are the words I need to introduce before the child turns 5.
Productivity expert and NYT bestselling author, Tim Ferriss, has popularized the 80/20 rule as a way to learn quickly.  
This 80/20 rule states that for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.
Tim Ferriss uses this approach when learning a language by asking, what are the 20% of the words that are used 80% of the time?
My secret’s out… it was with this knowledge, that the Preschool Readers program was developed (although this is the how…this is thewhy).
Recognizing high-frequency words by sight involves memorization, which comes most easily through repetition.  Students need to read high-frequency words as often as possible.
At Preschool Readers, we use a variety of hands-on, multisensory, literacy-rich games and activities to engage your child in a FUN approach to learning sight words.
Your child is then left with their own copy of sight word books to read repeatedly.

(have you heard about our SPLASH INTO READING summer sessions?  We're making reading FUN this summer with sight word water balloons, water guns, beach balls, fishing for sight words... the list goes on!)
On this #tbt I thought I’d include a video of a Preschool Readers graduate reading her sight word fluency phrases.
Screenshot (May 21, 2016 11:59:33 AM)
Happy reading,
P.S. Not enrolled in the Preschool Readers program but looking for a way to work with your child on their sight words?  Our workbooks are great for any child learning sight words!
Phase 1 Workbook includes all of the pre-primer and half of the primer sight words.  Phase 2 Workbook includes the rest of the primer sight words and all of the first- grade sight words.  Phase 3 includes all second and third grade sight words.
All you have to do is click the link below to purchase the workbook of your choice.  
Be sure to follow the directions below.
  1. Upon completion of payment, a screen will immediately pop up to confirm your payment, DO NOT CLOSE IT OUT.
  2. To download your workbook, click on the link located on this popup that says, "Return to Preschool Readers."

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Meet Lori! My Interview With An OT ✏

I LOVE learning!
I’m constantly reading, listening to podcasts, watching webinars and gaining knowledge from others.  Then, I like to share what I've learned in newsletters to you.   On topics like...
I’ve decided a fun approach to sharing what I’ve learned would be to conduct interviews in what I’m going to call the 'Educational Expert Series'.  
There are a variety of factors that affect your child’s learning process, so every other month I’ll be interviewing an expert that will provide great tips/tricks and suggestions for you and your preschooler.

Preschool Readers first, Educational Expert Series interview is with Occupational Therapist and owner of Tampa Kids Therapy, LLC, Lori Kersting!
Lori Kersting of Tampa Kids Therapy, LLC

Name of the business:
Tampa kids therapy, LLC (located in Tampa, Florida).

Your name and position in the business:
Lori Kersting, owner/occupational therapist.

What services do you provide and who do you serve:
We provide occupational therapy, behavioral therapy and academic enrichment for children 0-18.

When and why should a parent have their child work with an occupational therapist:
Occupational therapy benefits all kids who need a boost with fine motor, visual motor, social and sensory development.  

Some things to look for would be...
  • difficulty holding a crayon for coloring
  • doing fasteners
  • self-feeding
  • identifying letters/shapes
  • maintaining self-control
  • following directions
  • getting overwhelmed easily

How can parents work with their child at home:
The best way parents can work with their kids at home is by offering a variety of multi-sensory activities, such as shaving cream, finger painting, textured paper, and exploration with foods!  For more suggested activities click to receive Tampa Kids Therapy's, '5 Highly Recommended Activities For Your 3-4 Year Old From Our Occupational Therapists."
What books do you recommend:
Most of the books I recommend for parents are to encourage social-emotional and sensory development such as:
  • How Do Dinosaurs Play With Their Friends
  • Hands Are Not for Hurting
  • Feelings To Share From A-Z
  • Wilma Jean The Worry Machine
  • My Mouth Is A Volcano
  • Personal Space Camp
  • Whole Body Listening.

How can people connect with Tampa Kids Therapy, LLC:
Happy reading,
Lisa Vodola, Preschool Readers
Preschool Readers would like to add a SPLASH 💦 more fun into your 3-5-year-olds summer plans!  We’re offering Splash Into Reading summer sessions in both Tampa and Jersey, and you can read all about it, HERE.
PicMonkey Collage.jpg
Join Preschool Readers in celebrating National Readathon Day THIS Saturday- a day when readers everywhere can join together to read and raise funds in support of literacy.  Join us by snapping a picture of you and your little one reading then post to social media with the hashtags: #PreschoolReaders, #Readathon2016.
All funds will go to the American Library Association, and will benefit its Every Child to Read initiative, a program that supports the early literacy development of children from 0-5 in libraries across the nation. Please join us in empowering libraries across the country by clicking HERE and giving back.


Thursday, May 5, 2016

Don't Miss Out!

Our LAST Little Free Library Storytime for the year, is this Saturday, May 7th at 10:30 am in Hyde Park Village.  We hope you’ll join us (storytime will start back up in September)!

SAVE THE DATE!  Storytime is coming to Divine Park in Spring Lake!  Every first Saturday of the month (July-October), at 10:30 am, starting Saturday, July 2nd-  More details to come!  

Summer is almost here,
(ummmm, yea, it’s already summer weather here in Florida… my car read 97 degrees today. Eeeek!)

beach & boat days, picnics, road trips, fireworks, and yummy ice cream 🍦
But let's not forgot about the importance of summer reading.  During the three-month break, children can lose much educational ground, particularly when it comes to reading.  
Preschool Readers would like to add a SPLASH 💦 more fun into your 3-6-year-olds summer plans!
We’re offering Splash Into Reading summer sessions in both Tampa and Jersey, and you can read all about it, HERE.
Splash Into Reading is for you if…
  • Your child is between the ages of 3-6.
  • Your child is starting prekindergarten or kindergarten in the fall.
  • Your child just finished kindergarten and you want to know that you are doing all you can to ensure that this summer they do not lose any of the knowledge gained during the previous school year.
  • You want to feel secure in knowing that you are instilling a love of learning and reading in your child.  
  • You know your child is ready to read but you just don’t know where to begin.
Maybe you’re not interested in Splash Into Reading with us? 📚
Check out some of these FUN, FREE, summer reading challenges.
Happy reading,
Lisa Vodola