Friday, October 20, 2017

Brain Hacks For Faster Learning

At Preschool Readers, we truly *accelerate* the reading process for preschoolers;
maximizing their potential, building their confidence and guaranteeing a solid foundation in reading.

We aim to work *smarter* not harder.
So when I stumbled upon an article touting seven simple methods for turbocharging your brain and mastering any skill faster, I was intrigued and wondered if any of these seven brain hacks might be applicable to our Preschool Readers sessions.

What I found after reading 7 Brain Hacks That Will Dramatically Improve Your Intelligence and Success, was that we *are* working smarter not harder (YAY)!
We’re already using six of the seven brain hacks at Preschool Readers!

#1 Hack- 50 minutes or less
The article states- ...”anything less than 30 [minutes] is just not enough, but anything more than 50 is too much information for your brain to take in at one time.” To put this into practice, make sure you’re scheduling your learning sessions for short bursts of time, using quick methods like flashcards.

Preschool Readers- offers 30 minutes sessions and we use sight word flashcards.

#2 Hack- 80/20
The article states- ... you should focus first on the most important 20 percent of what you’re trying to learn, which will actually cover 80 percent of what you need to know.  Ask yourself: What are the most important elements that yield the biggest return on investment? For example, if you’re learning a foreign language — what 20 percent of words are used 80 percent of the time?

Preschool Readers- I wrote a previous newsletter about how Preschool Readers uses the 80/20 rule.  Check it out here >> My Secret Is Out.

#3 Hack- Stop the multitasking
The article states- Research shows that working on multiple tasks at once detracts from the quality of all of them….Multitasking slows down your learning and inhibits your brain from performing at its highest function.

Preschool Readers- We focus solely on reading for 30 minutes :)

#4 Hack-Change up your learning methods
The article states- A Johns Hopkins study found that “if you perform a slightly modified version of a task you want to master, you actually learn more and faster than if you just keep practicing the exact same thing multiple times in a row.”

Preschool Readers- I wrote a previous newsletter about how Preschool Readers teaches to various learning styles.  Check it out here >> Do You Know Your Child’s Learning Style?

#5 Hack- Learn from the masters
The article states- Robert Greene emphasizes the need for an expert mentor in his book Mastery. He talks about the “ideal apprenticeship,” noting that having guidance from people who have already mastered the skill you want to learn is invaluable.

Preschool Readers- all of Preschool Reading Specialists are well- educated, highly qualified and experienced in the field of early literacy development.  They hold at minimum, an M.Ed or M.A., teacher certification, and at least 5 years experience working with children.  I recently wrote about them here >> Here's what the girls said...

#6 Hack- Take notes the old-fashioned way
The article states- Princeton University and UCLA researchers found that taking notes by hand leads to more active listening and the ability to identify important concepts.

Preschool Readers- Check ✔

Happy reading,

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